About Us


Our story began In 2020 when Eliana was diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension along with 3 other congenital heart defects at 5 weeks old. What we thought was colic and acid reflux turned out to be so much more. While managing our new normal of tube feedings, daily appointments, and some intense feeding therapy, I felt incredibly guilty for not giving Gracelyn the time and energy she needed.

I started to purchase bathbombs for her, and quickly realized that not only did they smell terrible, but they were full of harmful ingredients that should not be used on a small child! I set out on a quest to not only create safe, gentle bath products that were affordable, but to heal my mama heart as well.

After finding some products that fit the bill for G and would be safe enough for E, especially now that she had a G-tube inserted into her tummy, I moved on to creating creams that would help heal E's scars from Open Heart Surgery. Every time that I came up with something new, I thought of another product. We have expanded to now offering scrubs, shower steamers, shower gel, beard products, and even Dog Shampoo! We only use ingredients that we feel confident enough to use on our own children. We hope you will love everything as much as we do!